Tony Catania 
(Tom Civic)

ANTONIO NUNZIO CATANIA born on January 29 in Sicily/ Catania ” also known as TONY CATANIA aka TOM CIVIC studied music history at the Conservatory Di Musica Vincenzo Bellini, Classic Historical Music his focus was on flute, guitar & piano. Tony’s other instruments are bass, saxophone, keyboard & mandolin. He also completed another diploma in the field of audio engineering at SAE INSTITUTE Creative Media.

Tony started playing his first musical instrument, the guitar, when he was 4 years old. At the age of 10, he founded his first band “Crash Group”. With this formation, Tony and his band played for the Italian TV station TELECOLOR TV in the Italian edition of Mini Playback Show fixed for several years.

In the 70’s Tony formed his second band T.D.F. With this the band won the Rock Festival in Italy. From then on Tony dedicated himself only to music He is a full blood musician with a great passion for music. After completing his diploma in music studies & SAE Engineering School, Tony moved to London UK for 1 year in the mid 80s to do his to expand musical passion because it was the start of the punk and new wave era.

Then he moved to Germany, where Frank Farian “FAR Musikverlage” became aware of him and brought Tony to Frankfurt “Rosbach” so he works in Frankfurt on various titles such as. Milly Vanilli, Meat Loaf, Steve Wonder etc.

After several musically successful years in Rosbach, Frankfurt he went to North Rhine-Westphalia, where Tony founded his recording studio “CATANIA MUSIC STUDIOs” in Bottrop. In addition to his dance/house style productions, he composed and produced his own pop – RnB – funky- hip hop style, the diversity of music history. Tony’s recognition was so big and creative that SCATMAN JOHN was born.

In 1994 Tony composed and produced his first big international hit with SCATMAN “Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop”. It was followed in 1995 by the album SCATMAN’S WORLD with this album TONY was honored as an International Award Winning Producer and Songwriter He was awarded Rock -Pop Single of the Year, MTV Award, Echo Awards and much more. In 1996 The second album with SCATMAN JOHN “Everybody Jam” , 1999 Album Take Your Time , 2002 The Best of Scatman John – ( John Larkin † 1999 ) –

In 1998 Tony founded R’n’G with Alex Christensen. With Rhythm and Blues Sounds, the first hit Names “RHY” was created in a very short time. The first album was released in 2001, “The Year of R’n’G”, where it became a international success. He was awarded national gold and platinum records.

Tony also worked with the successful group South Side Rockers “Rock On”, Michael Buffer “Let’s get Ready to Rumble” Jean Beauvoir “Monday” & E-PAC feat Jean Beauvoir “Use your Imagination” Marcus Schenkenberg “La Chica Marita” …

In the following years 2002-2005 Tony worked as an in-house producer and songwriter for Coconut Records “BMG” -, Haddaway, London Beat, The Weather Girls. At the end of 2005 Tony moved to the USA, where he produced the pop rock band Phoenix Block Album Chemtrails.

Tony also produced HipHop artist EBGB The Black Light District Album. In 2019 Tony built his own record company “CATANIA MUSIC” where he promotes, among other things, many other great artists, bands and his own project Tom Civic, and The Tony Catania Project.

He works with and on various dance/house projects and productions as well as composition, e.g. , Black Eyed Peas, Daddy Yankee, Haddaway, LondonBeat, Jennifer Rush, Joe Cocker Phillip Boa DJ Hooligan “Da Hool” , Herbert Grönemeyer, Queen, Joe Cocker, Coolio, Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, Allan Walker as well as a German commercial “Fielmann Werbung and many more.

Tony still works and lives in the USA and is still musically active and always looking for something special.